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Belfast Sports Injury Treatment

At Belfast Sports Injury Clinic, we aim to deliver the highest quality management and care for all athletes regardless of age, ability or sporting background. A sport injury can be any form of weakness, pain, dysfunction or discomfort which impacts your ability to train or compete.

Soft tissue injuries

These are injuries affecting the ligaments, muscles and tendons being stressed or strained during exercise, they can be caused from repetitive overuse or can be more traumatic as a result of a high load being applied causing a tear of the muscle fibres. Some of the most common include;

Hamstring injuries are the most common of all soft tissue injuries in field sports such as Gaelic football, soccer and rugby. These muscles act to flex (bend) the knee and play a vital role in walking running and kicking

These are the group of muscles at the front of the thigh which work to extend (straighten) the knee so is really common in kicking sports.

The large muscle of the lower leg which attaches to the Achilles tendon at the back of the heel…Particularly common with runners.

Rotator cuff:
A group of 4 muscles which help to raise and rotate the shoulder, they also play an important role in stabilising the shoulder within joint socket. A common injury with weight lifters.

Erector muscles of the spine:
This group of muscles inserts along the length of the spine from top to bottom and helps to extend and stabilise the spine. Strains of these muscles are a leading cause of back pain and can be acutely painful.

Other common soft tissue injuries include:

(Groin) and hip flexor
Tightness in this group of muscles commonly leads to other leg injuries
Commonly as a result of bad posture.
and patellar tendons.
Knee ligament injuries:
Really common in contact sports and where there is twisting and turning.
Sprains and tears


Some more severe injuries may require surgery in order to help heal, or in some occasions reconstruct the damaged structure. Common sports surgeries are;

– Repair or removal of the knee meniscus (cartilage),
– Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the knee
– Repair of the Achilles (ankle)
– Rotator cuff (shoulder) tendon repair
– Labral hip tears
– Replacement surgery (knee and hip) for the older athlete.

We will guide you in conjunction with your doctor to ensure you make a full recovery.

Overuse injuries

Due to the repetitive nature of many sports it is common for particular structures to begin to wear down due to the amount of stress placed on them. Commonly these include

– Golfers elbow
– Tennis elbow
– Plantar fasciitis
– Runners knee
– Rotator cuff impingement
– Patellar and achillies tendonopathy

Our experience has taught us that a programme of hands on treatment and rehab is the only way to clear up these injuries.

Prevention / screening

If all of this sounds a bit scary, be proactive and book in for a screening session where we use a specific range of tests to identify at risk areas. We call this our Sports MOT. After your full body assessment we will explain the findings and set you up with a programme to combat the issues identified. As always we are only too happy to work in conjunction with your coach or trainer.

Prevention is better than cure.